Hi there, I’m Phill

a Destination & Event Photographer

Who works with light, shade, sun, sea , love and laughter!

I work with families and couples who wish to capture the soul and spirit of their special day. A feeling, a colour, a burst of energy and excitement. A tear. These are all elements of your day that I will to capture for you. A unique story to tell. For posterity, for, eternity

Cyprus Wedding Photographer

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”
Ansel Adams

The spirit, vibrancy and uniqueness of your wedding, will stay with you always, entwined within your memory as a physical, energetic aspect of you. A professional photograph is a means to access that memory; to release the energy stored within as a physical and emotional experience. I am always honoured when a client and I ‘click’. We share a common enthusiasm for capturing the spirit and energy of the day in a creative, thought provoking way. Naturally, stylishly, emotionally!

oh, and I am also

a Cyprus Baptism Photographer

My intention is to always arrive at an event as an observer and leave as a friend. For me, event photography is about absorbing the energy of the moment, immersing myself and ultimately sharing my experience in a powerful, evocative way. This is where you come in. You as my viewer already have a vested interest in your child’s experiences. Let’s magnify that feeling tenfold by creating together beautiful imagery that will become your family’s legacy!